[Q] Do I need to prepare Japanese knife?

If you enroll in 5days Sashimi Course or 4weeks Courses, you need a Japanese kitchen knife. If you do not have your own knife, we recommend that you buy our Japanese kitchen knife.

Why do I need a Japanese kitchen knife?
A Japanese kitchen knife is modeled after Katana (Japanese sword) and its sharpness fascinates chefs all over the world. The big difference between a Japanese and Western kitchen knife is that the former is single-bevel, while the latter is double-bevel. A single-bevel knife cuts into slightly to left and separates parts of
ingredients more easily, so it makes your chopping faster. It also provides a clean cut surface without damaging the ingredient's tissue. It is staple to use a Japanese kitchen knife in order to learn techniques for Sushi and Japanese Cuisine.

What and How much is our JP Knife Set?
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